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Taken as a whole, these are the main themes of the INTJ aesthetic:

  1. A theme of the proud and independent loner, rising above social and physical constraints
  2. A tendency to romanticize not just ideas, but also the fight for those ideas
  3. A tension between failure and triumph not unlike the Te aesthetic
now my inner voice sounds like you.

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people who say blacks instead of black people are just in a hurry cause they have a white nationalist meeting to go to 

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My city is in chaos.
This is what’s happening to Hong Kong right this minute.



It is difficult for me to put into words, but simply put, University students started a class boycott movement demanding democracy and universal suffrage from the Hong Kong and Chinese…



Steal her style: Leslie Knope after severe fall into Sullivan Street pit 

Ann Taylor Grey skirt suit  ( $220 )

vivienne Westwood Ladies Orange red bow blouse  ( $159.99 ) 

Steve Madden Wynston Black pumps ( $89.95 ) ( that’s the price for a pair but the look as seen on the picture above requires only 1 shoe so it’ll actually be $44,97 )


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want a drawing?

cool, because i want to draw something for you. i will draw you practically anything you want including but not limited to: gross gnarled monsters, people in t-shirts with sweat stains, cityscapes, giant robots, snarling anthropomorphic wolves, you name a subject and i will try my hand at it. i will draw nudity, but i will not draw anything explicitly nsfw.

a simplified breakdown of pricing:


  • bust - 20 USD
  • full body - 30 USD
  • full illustration with background - 50 USD*

colored illustrations

  • bust - 40 USD
  • full body - 50 USD
  • full illustration with background - 100 USD*

*price can vary depending on the complexity of the subject

i’ll take three commissions at a time and then open up slots again when i finish them. signal boosts are greatly appreciated! ; - )

if you’d like to contact me about pricing/ordering, please send me an email at and thanks for taking the time to look!

still takin commissions!


Hi guys, i don’t post a lot about Jun lately, but i got pretty good news about Trauma Soldier. And i got a lot of work to end my next book, it will be some pretty busy weeks soon.
So a little something today, i have to do some fake ad for my comics book, and it’s very fun !

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